Scalemail o' Mobility

Scalemail o’ Mobility

Armor +6 (+5 armor, +1 enhancement)
Max DEX: +3
ACP: -3
Spell Fail: 15%
Speed: 30’
Weight: 30 lbs.
Size: Medium Creature
Type: Medium Armor (Encumbrance of Light Armor)
Quality: Masterwork Enchanted
Material: Steel & Leather
Masterwork Components: Mobility (1 category lighter)
Hardness: 12 hp: 40
Value: 2,700 gp
Current Owner: Sora


Specifically story unknown. This armor was found worn by a human corpse buried in old ruins on the Shrike River in the Greenbelt. The ruins were the lair of a pair of pesky Tatzlwyrms and have since become the budding village of Tatzlford.

Scalemail o' Mobility

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