Lafayette Kingmaker

Adventures in Troll Slaying

April year 2

The citizens have finally settled down becoming accustomed to their new magically larger Kingdom. We had a brief visit from a nice young couple and their entourage. Seems that they have the inkling to found a city at the edge our our Kingdom. They really only wanted permission and to establish a friendly co-existence since the location that they chose is in the middle of the Narlmarches on the edge of our slowly growing Kingdom. We agreed to lend them the land at the area where a couple tatzylworms had been residing on the Skunk river. It should be a nice area once you get used to the odor from that blasted river. Besides how could we resist sponsoring a loyal town at the cost of claiming the hex? Come to think of it, they never mentioned how they were to finance their new venture, hmmm.

Since our citizens seemed settled it was time to head out into the wilderness again. Too many monster lairs too close to our intended expansion route. Besides our citizens are becoming concerned about a number of Troll and Owlbear sightings south of Lake Tuskwater. Tuskwater, sounds like a bland soup to me, where do they get these names. I guess I can’t complain we still refer to our capitol as Capitol or Stag Lord’s Fort. Maybe I should add that to our next meeting agenda…

First off we headed off to the south eastern hills where we found that annoying talking badger elk thing that somehow acquired a suit of Dragon Hide Breastplate, a Leucrotta if my memory serves me. This time we were better prepared to face it on the uneven almost mountainous terrain. Climbing and heavy armor don’t mix too well. Didn’t find its Last Will and Testament, not that the party would have cared if we did.

After that encounter we headed west into the Narlmarches. We still need to find this Hodog creature and resolve the Troll and Owlbear issues, assuming of course that our valiant citizens aren’t embellishing what they see out and about. Despite eradicating a couple lairs it seems that wolves may still be an issue. Although the last group we dealt with were a lot bigger and more primal than we though to be native to the area. Some discussion later and we think that they must have crossed over through one of those mysterious portals. And here we thought that the portals went away when our two realms collided, guess not.

As we came upon an abandoned camp with equipment strewn about we were ambushed by the biggest damn force of nature I ever seen. It put up a good fight for a bit, however our strength in numbers prevailed once again. As we ventured deeper into the Narlmarches it occures to me that we only have a few score square miles left of area to explore in our original Charters. Unless we get specific guidance from the Swordlords of Rostov I guess we are free to explore and claim whatever we see as a viable area for our Kingdom. Can we be the first to tame the Stolen Lands for any length of time or will our venture fail like so many others over the centuries?

We have spotted a trail leading up into a small mountain, or large hill, that appears to have a tower built into the side of it. It may be the Dwarven hold that those crazy water logged Gnome explorers were looking for. I am finishing this entry by the light of Troll fire. That is, fire light from burning trolls. So far we have encountered 6 of the beasts and 4 hound like creatures just as ugly, and we have only gotten to the first room at the base of the tower. The tower is clear to the top, however a wide passage leads deeper into the mountain. Well I gotta pack up, seems that we are headed out to safer camping grounds since the witches and druid are out of spells and we are still pretty banged up.

Kingdom Building Summary

Hexes Claimed: 3
Roads Built: 2
Open Spaces: 1 Farm
Buildings: Academy
Key Events: Tatzylford Emissaries
Quests Completed: Shamble Sap



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