Lafayette Kingmaker

Kingdom Smash

Approximately February – March year 2

Holy Shite this is an odd land that we have been chartered to conquer!!! We were out on patrol in our budding Kingdom when everything became a little hazy, you know like after a solid knock to the noggin or just after you have realized that you have drank too much.

It started out as a normal day. We had headed out after reports of a huge ‘Land Shark’ victimizing one of our out laying farms. Imagine some burrowing beast the size of a small barn terrorizing our fresh citizens. We couldn’t have that, so being the Goodish rulers were, and not in possession of any higher experienced minions we went after it. This ‘Land Shark’ was rather easy to locate, after all the area was full of huge furrows like a mole makes only 6’ high. It happened as we were cautiously exploring these furrows, everything became hazy, sort of out of focus like our surrounding were overlapped with an almost exact duplicate. As we got used to this bizarre experience we realized that there were four other ‘adventurers’ in the area, although they were out of focus.

As we took this in, the beast attacked springing from the ground and soaring through the air like some crazed jack rabbit. It landed on Aden, knocking him to the ground and dealing significant damage. The battle was afoot. Both groups swarmed the thing hacking at it furiously. Apparently the thing was solid enough to both groups, however it had been clad in a silvery metal armor so most of our traditional melee and ranged was unsuccessful at finding its soft spots. Two of the spell casters took to the skies, one from each group, and delivered electrical attacks, lightening bolts and a spectral shocking touch. It reacted to those by the Gods. Our battle plan shifted somewhat, protecting the spell casters and keeping it occupied while they shocked the shite out of it.

Finally after what seemed like hours it fell, solidly shaking the ground. And that when things got even weirder. As it hit the ground there was a sort of explosion of force that seemed to emanate from it knocking us to the ground and unconscious for a spell. When we came to the group that was fighting by our side were as solid as we were. Introductions were passed around, and it got even weirder. Apparently they were commissioned to explore the Stolen Lands, defeat the Stag Lord and build a Kingdom too. How can this be, we never once encountered them, what mad trickery is this.

Well it would seem that there are, or were multiple realms or dimensions that exist in the same time but different places. Those traces of magical portals we have run into link these realms together for a short time. Raena and Rohan encountered one some time ago and assisted Aden, Aribella, Sora and Arianna defeat the Stag Lord in their realm.

As for the ‘Land Shark’ (known as a Bullette) it was a hideous example, covered in sores and open wounds from before our damage to it. Investigating the poor creature we found that its metal barding had been grafted to naturally tough hide. It also worn a small crystal vial filled with a multicolored glittery dust on a silver chain around its neck. With a lustful look our Dwarven Ranger, Dolgrim, convinced Rohan, our planar Druid, to help him remove the mithril.

While part of the group stayed behind helping and providing watch, the rest of us headed back to our capitol. Arriving home we found the city in chaos. The citizens were dazed wandering aimlessly or carrying on about the end of the world. To sum up the confusion, apparently the explosion that we experienced was not isolated to our parties, it has effected the entire realm. Both realms have become one combining each Kingdom into one, transporting buildings, towns and citizens into one realm. What on Golorian could cause this??

Once the entire party had returned to the capitol the one group moved out of their modest houses and moved into the castle. We spent several months bringing order back into our Kingdom. Even though each party received its charter from different realms we decided to split the ruling duties among ourselves and maintain the this new Kingdom as one.

After things settled down we decided to move about the area searching for some answers to the chaos of the last couple months. In stead of these answers we found the Forest Drake that has been plaguing the area. We dispatched it with extreme prejudice.

Kingdom Building Summary

Hexes Claimed: 2
Roads Built: 0
Open Spaces: 0
Buildings: Cathedral
Key Events: Bullette; Kingdom Smash; Sootscale Emissaries
Quests Completed: Forest Drake Hunt



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