Introduction – This is a private campaign using the Pathfinder Adventure Path (AP): Kingmaker. As an experienced GM I will be including events, encounters, NPCs and gear that in not included in the Published AP. Not that there is anything wrong with the published AP, but as the campaign develops things will happen that inspire creativity. I believe that it is my duty to take advantage of such opportunity and develop the campaign tailored to the characters and their style of play.

Stolen Land Explorers

Your group of characters begins the Kingmaker Adventure Path as one of four groups sent south into the Stolen Lands to defeat bandits and, hopefully, to establish one of four new nations in the River Kingdoms. It certainly won’t be an easy task. Before any such settlement can even begin, the bandits and monsters must be dealt with—and once that initial task is done, the danger will only increase. As you struggle to foster a fledgling kingdom, build up its cities, and expand its farmlands, your group is destined to face rival warlords, ferocious beasts, strange cults, invading barbarian hordes, and even the mysterious fey denizens of the near-mythical First World. Can you tame the Stolen Lands and forge a lasting settlement amid such opposition? Who will survive to rule your kingdom? Who among you possesses the makings of a king?

Campaign Background Materials:

Lafayette Kingmaker

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